Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cupones de racionamiento / Rationing Coupons

“Cupones de racionamiento” or rationing coupons, issued by the Republican side (during the Spanish Civil War). 
Sheets are perforated so that coupons can be separated. Artwork printed and/or handcolored on verso, with coupon information on recto: values, specific foods, also names of towns where issued and/or valid. Some of the rationing coupons are dated.


  1. Daan, these are fantastic. Where do they come from?

    1. I don't own any myself, but you'll find them offered on web sites like Delcampe, Ebay and other sites that cater for collectors.
      Some give a very good pictor of that time in history, showing so much more than just the naive pencil drawing...
      Glad you appreciate the post!