Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five Years The Beret Project

Sunday afternoon, April 5, 2009: the very first post on The Beret Project:

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Visera: para aquellos que no se atreven con la boina.

Peaked Cap: for people who don't dare to wear a beret.
Web site Boinas Elosegui

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Five years of (almost) daily beret blogging. I recall thinking, some years ago now (like every so often ever since), how soon there would be nothing more to write about regarding berets. I have proved myself wrong, again and again. 
It really is amazing how such a humble piece of headgear, not much more than a circular shaped piece of felted wool, holds such a formidable place in history; worn by artists and scientists, revolutionaries and tyrants, pacifists and commandos, photographers, girl scouts, intellectuals of all kind and on both sides of the political divide, etc., etc.
A seemingly never ending flow of material to publish about.
Happy Birthday and let's see where we'll be in another five years!


  1. Happy Birthday, TBP!

    Thanks for those five years of great reads!


  2. Yeah man, thankis yus!!!