Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Inspector Cluzo

The Inspector Cluzo is a rock band formed in 2008 by Laurent Lacrouts and  Mathieu Jourdain, both former members of Wolfunkind (natives of Mont-de-Marsan). The band consists of two musicians only, Malcolm (Lawrence Lacrouts) on guitar and Phil (Mathieu Jourdain) on drums. The group's name was found by their friend Angelo Moore, lead singer of Fishbone.
After a first EP released in early 2008, they released their first album in late 2008 entitled "The Inspector Cluzo", which contains titles including "Two Days" and "Fuck The Bass Player". The album was hailed by the French and international press, especially in Japan, where they immediately participated in Fuji Rock Festival.
In April 2010 appeared the second album by The Inspector Cluzo entitled "The French Bastards". One of the tracks was ahead of Lady Gaga in the Japanese commercial radio charts in May 2010.
In February 2012 they released their third album "The two musketeers". This album has the distinction of being a "bd-album" (graphic novel), the cd is included within the comic that serves as a wallet.
In three years, the group has sold 50,000 copies of their first two albums. They follow the philosophy of "Do It Yourself". Implanted in them in Mont-de-Marsan (Gascony), they ardently defend their independence by doing everything themselves (label, booking, management, recording and editing through their structures Ter a Terre Records and FuckTheBassPlayer) and adopting a organization working 360 degrees.
Ardent defenders of their native Gascony and independence, The Inspector Cluzo claims repeatedly their original a fully autonomous choice and rural structure. The attachment of two members of the group for the Stadium Mons Rugby, as well as their passion for duck and Armagnac, are all examples.
Musically, The Inspector Cluzo a mix of rock and funk, which might suggest a meeting between Rage Against The Machine and the Jackson 5, or AC/DC 12 and Curtis Mayfield.

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