Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jos van den Berg

Jos van den Berg was a Dutch painter, draughtsman, etcher and graphic designer,
Van den Berg was born in the naval port of Den Helder, in 1905. Initially, van den Berg was handicapped by his dwarfish stature, but he managed to set up a good name for himself. Joop Kropff was a good friend of van den Berg and had a great influence on his work.
Van den Berg got known for his paintings, as a draughtsman and etcher of portraits, figural motifs (including nude), still lifes and landscapes in realistic style
Moored sailing vessels near the coast 
In 1956 he received the Jacob Hartog price. He was a member of Pulchri Studio since 1935 and the The Hague Kunstkring (Artists Society) . He died in 1978 in The Hague.

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