Thursday, April 16, 2015

Amigos de la Boina

The Amigos de la Boina is a group of beret enthusiasts, nation-wide across Spain, who come together regularly to enjoin the finer things of life – berets being one of these.
It is an attempt to revive the beret to its old glory in Spain, but also to enjoy the company of like-minded folk, typically in a rustic environment with a good supply of food and wine.
Presently, there are chapters in Cuenca, Madrid, Currito and Denia (Alicante), all with their own web sites (some showing no more than photographic evidence of meetings; others with some interesting information on beret history and manufacturing).


  1. I am a real-deal Spaniard and wear my beret always! I would like to join this Club and Scooby-Doo too!!!!

  2. Nosotros aca en la Casa de España tambien nos ponemos las boinas todos los dias y llevamos la makhila (o cachava o bastón etc.) en la otra mano. Si viven en la cuadra Sur o Este de Manitoba visitenos aca:

    Saludos y nos vemos!!
    Luis Garcia

  3. The Casa de España en Manitoba also has a New Amigos de la Boina Chapter, and is accepting members! So if you live in Manitoba visit HERE:

  4. Visítenos en nuestra nueva página web:

    Visit us at our NEW website: