Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Boinas Exposición Hombres!

Brand new and first time available: Boinas Exposición Hombres!
The Exposición Hombres is Boinas Elósegui's basic 'every day wear' beret in a large range of colours. Made of Australian virgin merino wool, fitted with the new Elósegui Año 1858 satin lining, its own 'Hombres' label and brass Elósegui pin, these 28cm diameter headband-less berets are a staple for every boinero and beret aficionado! 


  1. This new Elosegui beret from Spain looks exciting, and i encourage all our members to go and purchase one immediately.

    Feel free to come and check out our new website with a special LINK to South Pacific Berets as well!