Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shaping a Military Beret

Laulhère is the main supplier of berets to the 28 country strong NATO military, next to the many armies of other countries on five continents. Laulhère has now launched a  web site, specifically for their military line of production. It describes the manufacturing process, the pure merino wool that is used for making berets, the various options for military berets and more.
At the same time, Laulhère commissioned a video clip on how to shape their Commando berets. Irish born sales director Mark Saunders does a good job detailing how to get the desired effects in your military beret.
Presently, there are only a few Commando berets in stock at South Pacific Berets; some green berets as issued to the Foreign Legion and Navy Infantry Commandos (here) and two individual berets in red (Para) and black in the One-Offs Section (here). 

One word of caution: some customers have not quite anticipated the very small plateau (diameter) of these berets; these berets are sitting more on the head, than pulled over the head. Before wearing it for the first time, the beret needs some stretching and nudging to get to the correct size.

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