Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Google Beret

Who would have predicted a company like Google being interested in utilizing berets?
A recently leaked report tells of test prototypes of Google Beta Glasses built into txapeldun-size berets.
The running controversy about these glasses includes concern about invasion of privacy (you never know when you are being filmed). Another concern is that they will be outlawed for automobile drivers on account of potential distractions. It appears that developers are trying to get around these concerns by camouflaging  the system.
The “placemat-size” Spanish headgear is the perfect “test platform” because the wearer can pull the front of the beret over one eye to look into the screen without nearby people, or police, recognizing what is going on. 
“No other hat offers such capabilities” says a Google developer on condition of anonymity.
While 10,000 “explorers” around the world were openly testing the Google Glasses, are another 200 now quietly testing the Google Beret? 
Just this morning, I heard that regulators in the EU have demanded a meeting with Google executives; partly because of privacy concerns, but also on account of the beret’s potential to forever stigmatize headwear traditionally associated with honest European working-class roots (after complaints by both French manufacturer Laulhere and Spanish Boinas Elosegui).
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