Sunday, September 6, 2015

Albert Fié - Résistance #1

Gifted with talent as a draftsman, painter, and caricaturist, Albert Fié, a resistant in Drôme, painted, after the Liberation, a number of gouaches depicting the Resistance, especially of the Pons company. With the precision of line, grand realism of the scenes represented, the artist shares the strength of his Resistance and that of his comrades.
Beautiful paintings with lots of detail; the longer I look, the more I see. And among what I see: many berets!
Over the next few days, the whole series on The Beret Project.
1 The general mobilisation was declared in France on September 3, 1939
2 People waving in front of the poster of Philippe Pétain, "champion" of the National Revolution
3 French checkpoint to pass the demarcation line.
4 En route to passing the demarcation line.
5 Taking advantage of the night, a group of outlaws crossed the line.
6 Anxious passengers at the control check.

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