Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Zuloagas: Daniel Zuloaga Olalla

Daniel Zuloaga Olalla was born in Madrid in 1922 and died in Segovia in 2000.
Daniel Zuloaga Olalla, Fernando Arranz y Juan Zuloaga Estringana
The grandson of Daniel Zuloaga Boneta, he was to be the third generation of potters. He learned the techniques of pottery and ceramics from his father and at the School of Ceramics in Madrid.
In 1951, he traveled with his father to Argentina where he taught at, and later directed, the School of Ceramics of Mar del Plata. His time in Argentina was rich in works of ceramics, sculptures and paintings which were exhibited at many expositions, winning awards and medals.
Danielle Khoyan and Daniel Zuloaga Olalla in “Les Metiers D´Arts”, Paris, 1975

Back in Segovia (Spain), in 1967, he opened his own school. He maintained the quality, technical and artistic tradition of his family, adding some of his ideas into design, more in line with their time. His skills and love for ceramics were passed on to his son Juan Daniel.

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