Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chicano Activist Henry Dominguez

Chicano activists wore the black beret in the 1960s (in homage to Ché Guevara) as a symbol of militancy and organized the Black Berets por La Justicia throughout California and the Southwestern United States.
Veteran Chicano/Native American activist and Black Berets co-founder Henry Dominguez is a dedicated beret wearer. Here we see him in the coat he wore on “The Long Walk” to Mexico City.
The Black Berets de San Jose pose in front of the pyramid at “Ranchito Rio Tuolumne,” along the Tuolumne River south of Modesto.


  1. I worked with Henry in San Jose, California when I was a young college student. He was a fighter and role model for us.

  2. Again, a fighter for civil rights wearing a beret. We are in good company.