Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Zuloagas: Ignacio Zuloaga Zuloaga

Ignacio Zuloaga Zuloaga was a painter, draftsman, ceramist and engraver from the (Spanish) Basque Country, called "the Younger Zuloaga" nephew of Ignacio Zuloaga Zabaleta .
Artist of oil paintings, pastels and etchings, he had ​​several exhibitions in Bilbao (Association of Basque Artists, Room Delclaux, Abra Maritime) between 1931 and 1933. He later moved to Caracas where consolidated his career. 
His first exhibition of oil paintings in Venezuela was held at the Portobello Gallery on 19 October 1969. The most important works of this period are the ceramic murals.
In Venezuela "El Mozo" also published some books and several essays. 
He exhibited in Madrid, Paris, London and the United States.

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