Friday, July 29, 2016

April 1950: Coke comes to France

In 1950, the Coca-Cola company decided the people of France were ready for the great taste of Coke. So it began a marketing campaign targeted to the country.
Coca-Cola had been available unofficially in France since 1919 and officially since 1933, but after the war Coke decided to raise its profile and capitalize on the proliferation of refrigerators in French homes.
Under the slogan "Drink Fresh," vans toured the streets and salesmen distributed samples to adults and children, in what Coke now calls "La révolution du froid" (The cold revolution).
At a Paris bar, a man in a beret spits a mouthful of Coca-Cola at the camera.
Bar patrons, several in berets, watch as a bartender pours Coca-Cola into a glass, Paris, France, April 1950.

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  1. Another corporate giant with marketing savvy. Is the world a better place for Coke and other fizzy drinks?