Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Immigration, more specifically refugees and their acceptance, is a subject dear to my heart and if ever there was a time that it should be, it is now.
1960s Portugal: group of emigrants from Soito trying to do the 'jump' to France were arrested in Spain.
Migration is, of course, of all times and the existence of a national identity is really a myth. All countries are made up of migrated people and these days, dna samples even proof that there are few Arabs without traces of Jewish heritage, no Brits without Continental ancestry, an enormous number of Europeans with African origins, etc, etc. 
Immigrant family viewing New York City from Ellis Island (1925) 
Still, Brexits happen, people vote for the Donald Trumps and Geert Wilders, even Australia's Pauline Hanson is back in the limelight. I'd love to see a dna analysis of their origins...
Irish immigrants to the US, early 20th C.
Looking for beret related material of the people on the frontline, refusing entry to safe havens, I am actually relieved to have found practically nothing. Immigration officers typically wear large peaked caps or military style brimmed hats (quite a different look and feel from a large Basque beret).
WW2 German Customs Officer Visor Cap
The immigrants/asylumseekers/refugees themselves however, are often donning a beret.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Last, this picture doesn't show a beret obviously, but too good (and true, unfortunately) to not post it here:


  1. Ahhh bacaladitos will actually immigrate into any country due to the "extremely" difficult economic conditions at home.

  2. Has there ever been a time in human history when immigrants are bashed? It's nationalism, patriotism and racism at their finest.