Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fred Carasso

Fred (Federico Antonio ) Carasso (1899 - 1969) was a Dutch sculptor.
Carasso was born into a family of artisans. In 1922, two weeks after the seizure of power by Benito Mussolini, he fled to Paris where he worked as a joiner. Because of his political activism, he was expelled again in 1928 and in 1933 from Brussels. He eventually found refuge in the Netherlands, which became his new homeland. He befriended Maurits Dekker, Han Wezelaar, Leo Braat, Piet Esser and Gerrit van der Veen.
Still, Carasso had in 1933 yet his first exhibition in Brussels, albeit under the pseudonym Fred DELTOR. In Amsterdam, he developed as a sculptor and he was included in the circle of Amsterdam Sculptors. In 1938, Carasso exhibited for the first time in the Netherlands. In 1956 he was appointed professor of sculpture at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht.

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