Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Billy Childish

If there is one contemporary painter I really admire, it is the self-made author, poet, photographer, film maker, singer, guitarist and above all: painter Steven John Hamper, aka Billy Childish.

His works have a quality that I find hard to describe; raw, real, naive, honest are some of the words that come up.

His output is extraordinary prolific, be it in writing, music or painting. He is a consistent advocate for amateurism and free emotional expression. He is known for his explicit and prolific work – he has detailed his love life and childhood sexual abuse.

Childish was born, lives and works in Chatham, Kent, England. Although he had an early and close association with many of the artists who became known as "Young British Artists", he has resolutely asserted his independent status.

Needless to say, Billy Childish is an avid beret wearer.

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