Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jiří Sovák

Jiří Sovák (1920 –2000) was a Czech actor, best known for his comedy roles.
Jiří Sovák was born Jiří Schmitzer (he changed his –German- name to Sovák as a protest against Nazi Germany and its occupation of Czechoslovakia). In 1941 – during WW2 – he graduated from Prague State Conservatory where he had been studying drama. His father did not want him to be an actor, so he worked as a clerk and played in an amateur theatre group.
In 1947 he went to Prague where he played in the E.F. Burian Theatre (1947–1952), Vinohrady Theatre (1952–1966) and National Theatre (1966–1983). He retired on 31 March 1983. He died in a Prague hospital before his 80th birthday and is buried in Stříbrná Skalice, in a private grave closed to the public.

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