Friday, December 16, 2016


I don't know what it does to you, fellow boinero, but I feel physically sick, following the news on what presently happens in Syria. 
No need to explain, I guess; the mass executions, the indiscriminate targeting of the civilian population, the complete unwillingness of the Syrian and Russian Federation's governments to facilitate humanitarian access, aid and evacuations...
Not often in recent history, despite numerous atrocious events, has the UN and international community been so powerless (and unwilling) to interfere.
I worked in disaster relief in Chechnya, under Mr Putin's presidency, and saw first hand the results of his politics and ethics. Now, 20 years later, history repeats itself. 
It is not much of a comfort, having a Putin admirer in the White House for the next four years... When does all this violence stop?
One thing's for sure; one needs a massive Reality Shield!

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