Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Randy Bowles (2)

After the May 17 post, folk singer/guitarist Randy Bowles contacted me with much more in-depth beret information. 
"My beret, along with my goatee, symbolizes a lot to me; mainly that its wearer is involved in the arts -- an independent guy who goes his own way, who has his own sense of style, who finds beauty in the world, and shares it with all who are interested".
Randy, of Celtic and Native American heritage, is once again a dedicated boinero; there has been a good 20 years going beret-less, due to his ex-wife's strong dislike for berets...
I asked Randy why he wears a beret: "In the 1950’s and 60’s, when I was under the age of twenty, I loved seeing photos of young people wearing berets. Especially if they accompanied the beret with a black or striped pullover top". 
"In 1981, when I had achieved thirty years of age, I moved to a rather beat/boho Seattle neighborhood:  Capitol Hill. One of our neighborhood focal points was an all-women collective, City People’s Mercantile. I received a mailer from them one fall day, which featured their latest sale. I saw a drawing of a black beret. It was only $7. I went right in and got one. And unless I was at my day job, I wore it all the time". 
"About a year ago, I bought a beautiful forest green beret, so that I’d have a back-up, and for the sake of variety. However, I don’t like the way they look when new. It just doesn’t have that “worn look” I prefer".
Thanks Randy, great stuff!

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