Thursday, January 19, 2017


These pictures were taken some 40-50 years ago, along the river Seine in Paris. 
The photographer describes the occasion as follows: "while walking along the Seine on a sunny afternoon, I see three men in thick blue woolen coats warming themselves in the late October sun. I recognize these coats; they come from "CASH" (the Home of Hospital and Home Care) in Nanterre.
Carrying my camera, I dare ask, after some hesitation, if I can take their portraits. One of them, the most assured, gives me his name and eyes the camera with a tranquil air.
The second one strikes more of a pose, staring at the horizon (but really, I think he doesn't dare look into the camera). 
The third man remains seated, looks a little frightened but still, doesn't refuse to have his picture taken. In those days, we called these people "clochards" (bums), but despite saying "homeless" now, I wonder if they are treated any better by society..."

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