Friday, January 27, 2017

Pyotr Zakharov-Chechenets

Pyotr Zakharov-Chechenets (1816-1852) was educated at the Academy of Arts in St Petersburg. A child of three, orphaned when his native village of Dadi Yurt was taken by Russian troops, General Pyotr Yermolov, became his foster father. With brilliant artistic endowments, Pyotr studied art since childhood.
He graduated in 1836 to become a prolific painter and participate in many exhibitions. The portrait of General Alexei Yermolov, the conqueror of the Caucasus and Zakharov’s foster brother, and a self-portrait are the best-known of his works.
Pictured above a 1836 painting by Mikhail Scotti: "The Armenian Nersesov and the Chechen Zakharov", portraying the artist with a beret like hat not unsimilar to a Spanish Carlist beret with tassel.

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