Saturday, January 21, 2017

The 45th President

When I included the picture below in my second last newsletter, numerous people responded. Some liked it and were happy to see it there (one customer actually confessed that he uses his beret for this very purpose - what power of visualisation!), but others were negative in response (to say the least).
To the comment that I should stay out of politics, I can only say that Basque berets have always played a prominent role in world politics; sometimes on the "bad side", but mostly as a representation of humanity, of decency and intellectualism over primitive and aggressive behaviour. 
As a son of a holocaust survivor, having witnessed atrocities in many conflicts around the world (while working in medical emergency aid), having worked for Amnesty International, with refugees and asylum seekers for many years, I find it not right to stay quiet on this day - the inauguration of an American president who is openly and without any shame racist and sexist; who admirers murderous dictators; vows to step back on everything of the progress gained over the last years and cares about nothing but himself.  
On the risk of offending or losing customers, I can only say protect yourself and do good, from under your Shield.


  1. I think it was Faulkner in the 50's that said (paraphrasing here) that black people had to set the agenda to resolve the injustices they were undergoing because white people had lost their minds. The insanity persists....