Monday, February 20, 2017

An Evolution in Berets

Yep, that time of the year again - my birthday. 54, thank you very much. Celebrating it here with my life's evolution (so far) in berets.
And yes please, make my day and buy a beret!
The oldest beret photo of myself I seem to possess. An old Royal Netherlands Marines affair from the local army surplus store in, I believe, 1984. 
A Chechen 'boivik' (fighter) beret; a gift from my Chechen bodyguard Issa when leaving the medical project in Chechnya.
Driving our old Triumph TC2000, wearing my large diameter Bakarra on our organic farm Fossil Creek (2002?).
Again at our farm Fossil Creek, in Afghan clothes, wearing a pakol.
This must be my first cotton beret, a boina Tolosa Tupida from Argentina, Belmont Park, 2008.
Long haired old hippy at the beach at Paekakariki, somewhere around 2010, wearing a sun-washed green boina Tolosa Tupida.
A cold clear winter's day, a couple of years ago, wearing a German Baskenmuetze with the volcano Mount Ruapehu in the background. 
Present day's artist impression by my friend Jean-Claude Pertuzé.

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  1. Happy 54th, Daan!
    I was 54 myself...many years ago!