Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fred Holland Day

Fred Holland Day (1864 - 1933) was an American photographer and publisher. He was the first in the U.S.A. to advocate that photography should be considered a fine art.
Day was the son of a Boston merchant, and was a man of independent means for all his life. Day's life and works had long been controversial, since his photographic subjects were often nude male youths; his private life however was a very private matter.
Day spent much time among poor immigrant children in Boston, tutoring them in reading and mentoring them. One in particular, the 13-year-old Lebanese immigrant Kahlil Gibran, went on to fame as the author of The Prophet.
There is a photo "Portrait of F. Holland Day in Arab Costume, 1901", while he travelled Algeria, by Frederick H. Evans. But more interesting for us boineros is the famous photograph of him wearing a large diameter beret by Edward Steichen in 1906, named “Solitude”.

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