Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Marine Le Pen

Bad enough as it is, unfortunately, it is not just the US and the UK.

Marine Le Pen, France's far-right presidential candidate, has formally launched a campaign echoing many of the themes that propelled Donald Trump to the White House and sounds frighteningly similar to British populist politicians pushing for Brexit.
Yes, Marine Le Pen wears a beret, but the sinister reasoning behind that is only a public showing of "Frenchness", of believing in French heritage and manufacturing which -on her terms- comes at a very high cost.
Le Pen said that Trump's recent US election win and Britain's vote to leave the European Union had given the French a "reason to vote".
Envisioning a thriving nation "made in France", the 48-year-old said she is the "people's candidate" as she outlined her aspirations for a state with its own borders to guard, its own currency to spend, its own defence and its identity unchanged by immigrants, refugees and globalisation.
Apart from propaganda photo sessions like these, I'm glad to know Ms Le Pen is definitely not a boinera.

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