Monday, June 12, 2017

Puente Bizkaya (2)

Following yesterday’s post, in June 1937, before the arrival of the Nationalist Army, the Battalion of Engineers of the Army of the North was ordered to destroy all the means that would allow crossing the River Nervión, to stop the advance of Franco’s troops.
In the early hours of June 17, a great explosion wounds the Puente Bizkaia, whose crossbar falls in the waters of the estuary.
Its reconstruction will have to wait two more years. This period of forced rest has been the only “vacation” of the Puente Bizkaia throughout its existence of more than a century.
On August 5, 1939, the Bureau of Ports of the Public Works Department of Vizcaya, issued Order No. 3880 approving the project to rebuild the Puente Bizkaia.
The works go without major incidents, except for strong winds suffered a few days before the end of the works, which did not cause major incidents. Finally, on June 19, 1941, a little less than two years after the beginning of the reconstruction, the service was reopened.

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