Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Pilgrim to Mont-Saint-Michel

This fantastic picture was sent to me by a visitor of The Beret Project: Pierre Degl Innocenti: 
I'll quote Pierre:  "Last year, between August 7th and 11th, I went to Normandy to go hiking with friends. We traveled approximately 100 kilometers to go from Vire to Mont-Saint-Michel. It is the ancient path of the pilgrims. We crossed the bay on foot, without shoes, with a guide to avoid marshes, water holes, and shifting sands. Only 7 or 8 kilometers, but these were the last and my legs were aching. The only thing that relieved me (and made my so-called friends laugh) was to kneel down. I had become a true pilgrim, humbly going to God ... and to the liter of beer I dreamed of at the end of the adventure."
Thanks Pierre

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