Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Red Txapelas of the Basque and Navarre's Police

This colourful map, titled Police Map of Navarra, shows the distribution of the various law enforcement agencies in the province of Navarra. There are four different agencies, among which the Guardia Civil with their (in)famous tricornos, but more interesting for us boineros are the berets worn by the Policía foral de Navarra (in Basque the Foruzaingoa) and the National Police (or El Cuerpo Nacional de Policía - CNP).
Where the CNP wear a very “middle of the road” military style beret, the Foruzaingoa adopted the beautiful bright red taxepla (similar to the Basque Regional Police and the Police of Bilbao Municipality).
All three have their distinctive insignia woven into the txapela. 

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