Friday, April 23, 2021

Abandoned New Zealand

Faithful followers of this blog know about my love of abandoned "stuff"; houses (villages), factories, bunkers, shipwrecks, railways... Anything old!

It is the one thing I really miss, living in New Zealand. Of all countries in the "New World", NZ has little to offer in that respect, apart from some old bunkers, a shipwreck here and there and, when really lucky, an abandoned industrial site.

However, on my daily walk with my faithful friend Millie in Trellissick Park the other day, around the corner from where I live and one of the most beautiful nature reserves I know off, I found this old abandoned waterworks with an open entrance door!

It may not look like much, but for me this was real treasure. Outside a long forgotten weir and fish ladder, inside the mountain a long tunnel that at some stage must have carried water from the hills to downtown Wellington. 

The heavy steel door looked locked, but wasn't. 

Millie was less keen than me to enter the tunnel, at the end covered by another steel gate that was locked, but I sure had my fun for the day.

My green Grof Beret did a great job forming a nice barrier between my head and the weta's living on the ceiling of the tunnel. 

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  1. you just have to look harder....