Saturday, April 24, 2021

Laëtitia Guilbaud

Laëtitia Guilbaud was born in France in 1980. Her work is all about women. She is inspired by fashion and Pin-up art, this is why she depicts women with plenty of character and femininity. From an early dark abstract and provocative start, Laetitia's paintings have evolved into a more colorful image of modern women.

In 2001, after an art degree in Rennes, she decided to paint them with acrylic on canvas. She started to exhibit in bars, restaurant and art fairs.

Vin Rouge

She has lived in Scotland from 2006 to 2016 where she became a full time artist in 2008. She has had several articles written in relation to her work, especially regarding celebrity portraits.

Laetitia has exhibited her work in galleries across Britain. She has also had exhibitions in France, Belgium and Italy too. Her work is often shown in charity events.

Ready for Take-Off

Laetitia came back to live in France in 2016. She works in an art studio called "Les Ateliers du Pressoir" in La Chaize-Giraud (Vendée).

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