Sunday, April 18, 2021

Paul Rochet - Sourdough Baker

The beret, the moustache, the sweater smeared with flour, the thick hands and build that speak of labour. There is no doubt that Paul Rochet, 63 years old, is part of his land.

Son of a farmer, former mechanic at the Picon cheese dairy in Saint-Félix, this man found a vehicle that was both simple and formidable to give “ meaning  " to his existence: bread.

In the bakery installed in his garage in Viuz-la-Chiésaz, Paul Rochet has been shaping and selling his own organic bread for fifteen years. A work of craftsman very far from industrial methods, and a know-how of which he hopes to pass on the keys soon, at the time of retirement.

It’s not just any bread. Hand-kneaded, with organic flour and homemade natural sourdough, which he has been “feeding” continuously since 1995: a rare species in a field where industrial yeast, with faster effects, is king.

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