Monday, April 26, 2021

Gente de Boina

'Gente de Boina' is a 1971 documentary made by Televisión Española, which captured the idiosyncrasy of the people of Tomelloso (La Mancha). In addition, its script was written by the great Tomellosero Francisco García Pavón, father of the Spanish crime novel.

The characteristic blue berets and blouses told the story of the working people. Today, several Tomelloseros have wanted to pay tribute to those beret wearing people with a mural in one of the most central streets of the city, the Don Víctor Peñasco street.

Artist, Tomás Gutiérrez: "I wanted to pay tribute to the lost trades of yesteryear, our grandparents and this complicated situation [Covid epidemic]".

Some Tomelloseros, with berets, approach the artist to ask and tell and congratulate him. "The first thing they have explained to me has been who appears in the mural, the nicknames, and also how they helped with the work at the time and their longing for the past."

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