Wednesday, September 2, 2009

P'tit Basque

Although packed with sheep, it's pretty hard to find a decent cheese made from sheep's milk in this country - not unlike berets, for that matter.
My local deli sells sheep's milk feta - imported from Bulgaria!

Quite different from the Basque Country, Spain or France, where sheep's cheese can be found in any store and restaurant. French dairy giant Lactalis produces P'tit Basque and exports 400.000 pounds a year of the little cheeses (half of that to the United States).
An interesting commercial, berets included, can be viewed here.

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  1. I am ancestraly Basque and the cheese there is GREAT! Too bad USA & CANADA do not know HOW to enjoy life, socialize properly, eat good and enjoy real cheese! LOL!!!!!!!

    I know, i's sad!

    If i may be so bold as to speak feely, i would like to make a mere a Spaniard, when i get in the mood to eat EXCELLENT authentic (imported ofr the most part) Spanish food, i order it from here:

    IF you reside in the USA, you will be GLAD to know that offers a variety of delicious cheeses, carefully packaged with dry ice and delivered right to your door via UPS. Sadly, for me, i am stuck in Canada and they DO NOT deliver any of the parishables here, or Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

    Great cheese commercial on you tube, though :)