Thursday, September 24, 2009

Roger Gobron

Belgian painter Roger Gobron (1899-1985) painted for nearly 70 years almost exclusively with watercolour.Slideshow Roger Gobron
At first, he used watercolour in a classical way, but his art, style and technique changed radically when he came in contact with the Flemish expressionists. Gobron is most probably the only painter in the world who experimented in this way, for his entire life, with the medium. He thus altered the aspect of watercolour, giving it the dimension, durability and value of oil painting.

I personally like his paintings of travelling Romani families.
These have been painted during the war years (1940-45) and I wonder what happened with these people.
And, of course, Roger Gobron, was well known for his black béret Basque. Please explore the beautiful web site, set up by Roger's son Jean-Noël, the director of this film:

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