Monday, July 19, 2010

Charlie Rossiter

Charlie Rossiter writes, performs, and promotes poetry every chance he gets. His website, is the latest in a long list of poetry projects which include the creating and hosting the Poetry Motel, a cable television program still seen in upstate New York and neighboring states, and organizing all-day poetry readings at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. He received an NEA Fellowship for poetry and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
Recent poetry collections include: Charles Rossiter Greatest Hits: 1975-2001 from Pudding Press; What Men Talk About, the winner of Pudding Press' 1999 Red Wheel Barrow Award; Cold Mountain 2000: Han Shan in the City (Backwoods Press), Evening Stones and On Reading the Thousand Year Old Sorrows in a Book of Chinese Poems.
 Charlie Rossiter (Photo by Bill DuPree)
His work is featured on the hour-long audio tape 3 Guys from Albany which can be heard in the poetrypoetry archives. His widely-acclaimed book Back Beat is published by Cross+Roads Press. As Director of Special Projects for the National Association for Poetry Therapy, he recently co-edited the anthology, Giving Sorrow Words: Poems of Strength and Solace, (Wash. DC, NAPT Foundation, 2002).


  1. Daan: Greetings brother of the beret. I was egotistically googling myself and came upon your site. Thanks for putting up all that promo information about me and directing people to my site. Do you have a beret from my beret maker? Check out her work at She works out of Maine in the NE U.S. The fabric is light and they roll up small enough to fit in any jacket pocket. I think she's just great and I like that she offers a wide choice of colors. I typically request how I want them. e.g.that one I'm wearing on my website has a green band, per request. You're a writer--what's your genre.
    Charlie Rossiter

  2. My pleasure! No, I had not heard of Capestries before; interesting web site and good material for another post on The Beret Project.
    Good connotations with Maine too; I've lived in Thorndike for a while and cherish my memories...
    As for writing; fiction I write in my native Dutch, but the book on The Beret will be an English one. Hope to have the manuscript ready halfway this year.

  3. Glad you like Capestries. The Big Beret looks great on some women. FYI I just put up my first e-book through a site through which you can, without charge, have an ebook published so that it is accessible on the various available platforms. It's a new thing for me and looks good. It may be useful for your beret book, unless you plan on a lot of visuals. Charlie Rossiter