Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Muslims of Macedonia

Macedonia 1959, greeting guests from the village of Podgorce who have brought a ram as a gift.
Labuništa (MacedonianЛабуништа) is a village in the southwestern region of the Republic of Macedonia, located in Struga MunicipalityLabunista has a large Muslim population and,
Labunista Muslim wedding. Men and musicians relax and are served sweets (caramels).
like the Muslims in the Yugoslav Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina under Tito's communist rule, the Macedonian Muslims found an acceptable head cover in the Basque beret.
Presentation of 12,000 dinars and ram by father to son in honor of grandson's Sunet.
I found some beautiful old photographs of Labunista life in the 1950's and early 60's; many berets on workers heads - a tradition that still survives till today.
Pecalbari (migrant workers) returning home to village from distant places such as Skopje. The bus comes from Ohrid to Labuniste. Children have evidently come to meet fathers and other relatives.


  1. that picture make my granddad and he is still live there:)

  2. Fantastic!
    If you happen to have any more photographs (or information on berets in Macedonia), please drop me a line at
    Thanks, Fiko