Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Scandinavian Series #1 _ Foreign language Lessons

Interestingly, the Basque beret is much more than an obscurity in Scandinavian life. Of course, we have seen Ingmar Bergman on this blog before, but there is much more to find up North. Plenty material to justify The Scandinavian Series on this blog.
Today, I start appropriately with "Foreign languages", being grateful to the instant translations that Google offers to help me understand the Nordic web sites.

Marit Ekkernes, assistent principal at the Ljan Skole school in Oslo, explains the importance of foreign languages in Norway's Aftenposten Newspaper. and I couldn't agree more. 

Norwegian French Teacher Morten Fr. Lund on Ljan school using symbols and culture in teaching. Here he puts a beret on the head of student Meri Moen.
"A taste for good cheese, fast cars and ski sports generate a lot of stimulus, thanks to confident teachers, aiding strong language skills. We emphasize that students should have many different approaches to language", said Marit, who has trained as a teacher in Italy. "Textbooks on Italian for Norwegian 12-year-olds do not exist, so she creates educational materials and some even find her on YouTube. We travel the map, learning culture and game forms. We sing songs, and later this fall we will roll out a little pasta."

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