Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Le Quai des brumes

Port of Shadows (French: Le Quai des brumes) is a 1938 French film directed by Marcel Carné. The screenplay was written by Jacques Prévert based on a novel by Pierre Mac Orlan. It is a notable example of the poetic realism genre. The film was the 1939 winner of France's top cinematic prize, the Prix Louis-Delluc.
A scene from the film is seen projected in the 2007 Oscar-nominated dramatisation of Ian McEwan's wartime tragic drama Atonement.
 Jean, a deserter from the French army arrives in the port of Le Havre where, by chance, he is offered a change of identity and the opportunity to sail to the safety of South America.  He is reluctant to leave, however, because he has met and fallen in love with a young woman, Nelly.  Jean’s fortunes take a turn for the worse when he makes a stand to protect Nelly from her guardian, Zabel, and a former admirer, both of whom are ruthless crooks. 

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