Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Off's - Boinas Bonigor

An average of once a day, at least, I get the question "what is the best beret?" and I always give the same answer; how it depends on personal preferences, do you like a dense/heavy weight or a softer, more shape-able beret; do you live in Florida or Krasnoyarsk; do you like the classic black Basque or do you prefer colour; what size and shape head do you have...? Simply, there is no best beret.  

Objectively, I believe the Spanish Boinas Elosegui to be of a hard to beat quality, but that doesn't necessarily mean the B.E.'s are the best*/nicest*/most comfortable* berets to wear. 

Personally, I hardly wear anything but an Argentinean made Tolosa Tupida, be it in wool or cotton. It's the excellent quality and craftmanship that goes into these berets and the huge variety to choose from, depending on mood & weather. 
A few weeks ago I promoted the extra large (diameter) T.T.'s  in cotton and sold out in no-time-at-all. Today, the new stock came in (thank you for your patience, customers on the waiting list - yours will be send today!), available through South Pacific Berets
With the new stock, also a few samples that are for sale as one-offs:
Tolosa Tupida 30cm in white merino wool, with satin lining and leather headband in size 60 or the headband-less version (one size fits all):

Also, I now have four Tolosa Tupida Plato Grandes in stock; 2 x 32 and 2 x 34cm diameter, all in size 60. Black Merino wool with satin lining and headband:

And last, I have one Plato Grande (35cm diameter) in cotton in Grey and one in Green:

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  1. Estoy interesado en una boina Tolosa Tupida
    Talle 60
    Algodon 31 cm
    Donde se puede comprar?
    En Argentina.