Monday, June 27, 2011

The German Series #12 - Renate Rössing-Winkler

More from Dresden: Renate Rȍssing-Winkler (1929 - 2005) was a German documentary and landscape photographer.
 Between 1948 and 1951 Renate took the photography course of the School for Visual Arts in Leipzig by Johannes Wildmann. The focus of the training was on advertising and documentary photography. During her studies she met Roger Rȍssing, whom she married.
The couple spent well over 55 years together on reports - mainly from Leipzig and Dresden, but also about cities, people and landscapes in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as Africa and Asia.
Renate Rȍssing was one of the most important photographers in the DDR (East Germany). The estate of the couple is kept at the German photo Library of the Saxon State Library (SLUB) in Dresden

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