Monday, June 13, 2011

Basco Roma

Out of nowhere, it seems, the Basco Roma became an instant hit with beret enthusiasts around the world. South Pacific Berets has shipped these Popular Italian Workers Berets across the globe over the past two weeks; from Australia to Germany, from Canada to Norway and another dozen countries or so more. 
New stock is on it's way, but unfortunately, I can't continue the low price of $39.50 (including international postage and handling). The record high NZ$ (versus the low US$) and increased duties and shipping costs mean an increase of almost 20%.
The good side is that I have every size and colour still in stock and will keep the price low till the end of this week. If a specific size/colour runs out, you'll get your basco send from the new stock in another two weeks (at the discounted price).

I won't raise the price of any other berets as yet, but it seems unavoidable with the ordering of new stock over the next few weeks and months...


  1. I'm quite surprised actually because the majority of what Italy produces is crap!
    The only legit Basque beret is the Elosegui brand and i wouldn't wear an Italian beret if my life depended on it - WAKE UP people and smell the Spanish coffee (Italian espresso is crap too by the way, you need to drink the Spanish Torefacto coffee instead). Sometimes i wonder HOW & WHY the whitey world got sooooo brainwashed by Italian crap? I guess it's because Italy pushes it's crap harder on others than anybody else lol,loollll.....

  2. These comments sound very similar to those from a Spanish-Canadian who used to comment under his own name...
    Utter nonsense of course, from someone who obviously never had the pleasure of driving a Lancia, ride a Ducati, has no appreciation for (art)- history, cinema and traditional espresso (among so much more).
    I continue to be amazed how many comments I get that are either racist, sexist or staunchly nationalistic in nature.
    And as for berets, quality comes in all sort of ways; the Basco Roma is among the highest when you look for a light, easy-to-wear beret that follows a great and long tradition!

  3. Well, I'm both italian and jew, I'm kind of used to this :)
    The funny thing is that italians are actually completely in love with Spain and everything spanish, go figure.
    Not thta this is going to change because of some guy who takes his legitimate national pride a little too seriously.
    By the way, I'll follow the advice and try Torefacto coffee :)
    your affectionate reader from Italy,

  4. I know myself being an American that Italians do push their "crap" products quite hard! After a while it does get pretty sickening but you get used to it. SpAnish bounds I can see - I get mine from Ronny Greer here in Seattle - but Italians pushing boinas now? I think not!! I have tried that Spanish torrefacto coffee and it is a superior blend, yet nowhere to be found here since, again, flooded with Italian crap. My mom buys it from

    Cheers 2 all and I hope to see u all at beretfest this July 5th in Seattle, washingtons commox park.

  5. I never imagined a little beret could stir up so many emotions.
    Apart from the factual wrongs, what worries me is that it doesn't seem to be about the quality of this particular beret, but about it being Italian - how silly.

    I find it rather funny to hear an American complaining about an other country pushing it's crap - a large percentage of the world population complains about Americans doing just that!

    Anyway, no "Italian pushes boinas now" - the basco has a long history of it's own (beret like hats were worn in Italy long before the Basques did in Spain) and the pusher in this case is actually New Zealander.

  6. Thanks for the tip re. the BeretFest, but can't find any info about it... If you know more, please let me know!

  7. I love my little Basco Roma, it is quite well adapted to warmer weather. I have traveld many times to Italy and I have to say that I often find Italian workmanship and products to be of a very high quality.