Friday, May 24, 2013

Elósegui 150 Años Edición Limitada with Headband!

Great news today! The Elósegui 150 Años Edición Limitada with calf leather headband in 28cm/11" have arrived. 
Meet the world's best quality, most comfortable and most luxurious beret: the special edition Elósegui 150 Años! These berets were made in a small quantity to celebrate Boinas Elósegui's 150th birthday in 2008. Made of hand selected 100% Australian merino wool, waterproofed by Telflon® treatment. ecologically moth-proofed with MITTIN FF® and thermo-regulated with smart PCM Outlast® lining, allowing adaptation to temperature: warm in winter, cool in the summer. This merino wool ensures it feels smooth, soft and comfortable due to it's natural properties of breathability, thermoregulation, durability, stretch and drape that Merino fabrics provide, next to other benefits such as odour resistance, fire and static resistance, UV absorption and sweat and moisture control. 
Merino fibres are strong and long, enabling a durable fabric and has excellent drape and wrinkle recovery. As Merino fibres are natural, and like human hair are made up of keratin proteins, they are very resilient - a Merino fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking. When a Merino fibre is wet, it can be extended up to 30% without damage. When the extension is released, the fibre then recovers completely to its original dimensions. 
Handmade by Spain's oldest and only surviving traditional beret manufacturer in 280 and 300mm diameter. These berets have a beautiful '150 Years Anniversary' label fitted, come in a special 150 Years Anniversary gift-box and have a cardboard information sheet included. We stock the 300mm headband-less version and the 280mm version with gold trimmed calf leather headband. You won't find a better quality, more luxurious beret, anywhere. Available here. 

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