Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good and bad news about the new Laulhère berets...

Good and bad news about the new Laulhère berets... 
To start positively: part of the first shipment has arrived and I am very, I mean very, impressed with what I found! 
But, to get the bad news out of the way: only part of the shipment has arrived and, judging from the state of the boxes, they must have encountered some very rough weather, somewhere between France and New Zealand. 
The contents came out without any damage (thanks to some great logistician at the manufacturers - thank you!), but some 40% has not materialized, yet. 
'La Poste' and NZ Post are working on it and I am still hopeful the remaining lot will show up, sometime over the next days, but who knows... I would love to list what I do have in stock now, but simply can't as sizes and colours were mixed over the various boxes. 
What I can do, is show you the pictures of the beautiful berets that I did get in: the Béret Basque Authentique, the Bérets Bayadère and the Casquettes. And yes, as soon as I have more information, you'll find it here!

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