Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bargains at South Pacific Berets!

A stock take and tidy up at South Pacific Berets resulted in a few good bargains in specific sizes. 
Lucky those who share my size 59! I have a number of size 59 Bérets Bakarra in 10.5 pouces (29cm) and Bérets Bakarra DeLuxe in 9.5 pouces (267mm) in stock still. Somehow, I miscalculated when ordering these berets last year and got far too many in size 59. These models won't be re-stocked and these two labels are the very last available.Top quality berets in their range; the Bakarra one of the best medium range berets and the DeLuxe among the best berets Blancq-Olibet makes. Only in size 59, at a bargain price of $ 55.00 and $ 62.50 respectively.
The Béret Berrueta is made especially for outdoors enthusiasts and hunters - a 10 or 10.5pouces (28 or 29cm) beret in loden-green with it's own embroidered Berrueta label. A hard to find beret, even in France. These berets come in Blancq-Olibets 565 quality range. This is the same beret as used by the officers of the Belgian military regiment of Chasseurs Ardennais.
A beautifully finished beret, impermeable of course and only two available: one in size 59 (10p) and one in size 60 (10.5p) at a reduced cost of $ 65.00.
All available here, in the One-Off-Section!

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