Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ramon Sender Barayón

Ramon Sender Barayón (1934, Madrid, Spain) is a composer, visual artist and writer. He was the co-founder, with Morton Subotnick of the San Francisco Tape Music Center in 1962.
In January, 1966, he co-produced the Trips Festival, with Ken Kesey and Stewart Brand, a three-day event that, in conjunction with The Merry Pranksters, brought together the nascent hippie movement for the first time.
Sender is also a visual artist whose visual works are sampled on his web site and in a book, "Barayon", a Catalog of Prints, Drawings, Original Art by Ramon Sender Barayon, 2009. The book is based on a one man show at the Gallery Sanchez in 2008.
After the death of Sender’s daughter ‘Xavie’ in 1989, he founded the Peregrine Foundation (for people "living in or exiting from experimental social groups"). He was the administrator of the foundation until 1999.
Sender identifies himself as a "transcendental, post-monotheist hippie pagan sunworshipper, with one foot planted in the nondual teaching of Candice O'Denver and the other in the Archaic Revival culture"

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