Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cape Berger

Brand new at the One-Offs Page: a true 'Cape Bergers' or 'Shepherds Cape', the traditional outfit of the shepherds in the French Pyrenees Mountains. 
This cape is made of hand-sorted, hand-spun wool from the Lagh Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India by a small family business. The untreated wool in it's natural colour was woven in Suma, a small village in the Lagh Valley and tunred into a cape by another small Indian business in Wellington, New Zealand. The cape is made of 100% wool with a calico (cotton) lining and wooden duffel-buttons. The perfect accompaniment for an Auloronesa Tarte Alpin!
The size of the cape is large - extra large. Measurements from shoulder to bottom 41.5" (105cm); width at shoulder 22" (56cm) and width at bottom 36" (91cm). 
Why is this cape listed on the One-Offs page? This is the first cape as a try out, listed at a just-over cost price. A premium price is paid to the weaver for the material to facilitate the family's daughter study. 
I have been looking for suppliers of these capes, but all capes found come at an astronomical cost (just under, often over $1000.00). Wanting to offer an affordable yet authentic alternative, I decided to import the top quality woven wool myself from a dedicated, artisan weaver and have the cape(s) made here in Wellington (at a $600.00+ price difference!).
For comparisons, have a look at these sites, here and here.


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  2. It looks very nice, I suppose you no longer have any...