Friday, July 18, 2014

Inside the Renault Factory

A look inside the Renault factories during the 1950’s, where many workers wore berets, inside and out. 
The Renault 4CV is an economy car produced by the French manufacturer Renault from August 1947 until July 1961. The first French car to sell over a million units, the 4CV was superseded by the Dauphine.
The 4CV was a four-door sedan of monocoque construction, 3.6 m (11 ft 10 in) in length with front suicide doors and using Renault's Ventoux engine in a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout.
The Renault Frégate is a full-size or executive saloon car produced by Renault between 1951 and 1960. Station wagon variants, the Renault Domaine and the Renault Manoir, were introduced in 1956 and 1958 respectively.
1959 Renault Frégate

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