Monday, May 16, 2016

Kevin Courrier on Randy Newman

Ha, I was happily surprised to find that, when looking for a book on one of my favourite artists, Randy Newman, the author is a boinero too. 
Alas, I praise myself lucky to have read a few reviews on the book before actually clicking the 'Buy Now' button and, I am sorry to say, there are beret wearers who produce less than worthy work. Sad, but true... 
But, a boinero is a boinero and deserves a place here on The Beret Project (but maybe wait until a better book on Randy comes out...).


  1. Thank you for the inclusion on your webpage, as boineros should stick together. But speaking as one, I always thought that wearing one was an emblem of independent thinking. Which is why I'm disappointed that you judged my book without having read it - especially when the source of your decision is Amazon reviews that spent more time attacking me personally than taking up the arguments I raised about an artist that I equally love.

    1. You put me right, and I apologize. I shouldn't have published a post just based on reviews...
      In my defense, I can only say that (buying some 3 books a week), I do often get disappointed in what I purchase.
      What better to do than read your book and get back to it in a future post here?
      Best wishes fellow boinero,

  2. Amazon reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. So often they are biased against the subject or author and it makes me wonder if the reviewer even read the book. Other reviews are so ridiculous that they can't be believed. In fact, it begs the question if the reviewer can even read at all. And, Amazon doesn't seem to take complaints about inappropriate reviews seriously. I have never seen one I've complained about taken down. Maybe they just don't take ME seriously? I read the reviews, try to evaluate them objectively and then make a decision. Sometimes, I buy a book solely because of the negative reviews!