Tuesday, February 27, 2018

CPAC, Brexit and a European Beret Revival

Last weekend's CPAC Congress in National Harbor, Maryland gave an interesting insight again in the wisdom of the US President, welcoming former UKIP leader Nigel Farage as 'Mr Brexit'.
What I found interesting is that the usual Republican/Conservative American issues such as abortion and God hardly came into the spotlight at the meeting. Following the populist right-wing parties in the Old World it was all about Islam, immigration and national identity with a wave of hysteria about a socialist takeover of the USA (!) thrown into the mix.
NRA director and speaker Wayne LaPierre followed the regimes of Hungary and Slovakia by condemning George Soros as the ugly brain behind all this (and the man who will take the guns away from Americans). 
It is fascinating to see how many Americans support the Brits in their Brexit, not bothered by factual information. 
Meanwhile, within the UK the movement to change and remain within the European Union is growing and to my personal delight, I found the beret has been made the headgear of choice for the movement!
A bit late, indeed, but there is still hope...

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