Friday, February 16, 2018

Stunningly Beautiful Curcuma!

If there ever was a contest for the most stunningly beautiful beret, the Auloronesa in 'curcuma' would score very, very high!
For many years, I have tried to get a beret in this colour (think of the Le Béret Français and Czech Classic in 'mustard'), but these are no competition for this Auloronesa. It's a natural dye that is very hard to get right, but Boneteria Auloronesa did the job. I have a very small number in 9.5 and 10p only, but hope to persuade the manufacturer to make another batch in 10.5, 11 and 12p-Alpin (no guarantee this will come to fruition).
In the shipment, I received the often requested and now custom made 9.5p universels in navy; 5 only, for those boineros with a taste for small diameter berets.
More news about Boneteria Auloronesa, Laulhère, Bonigor and Arandú can be found in the newsletter that went out today.

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